Client Registration Portal for Lakefront Property Matches.

Nearly every MLS system has a contact management feature allowing clients to receive new property e-mails as soon as they hit the market. The problem with most of them is they cannot screen the properties down to a level that is acceptable to direct lakefront buyers. Seventy percent of the properties they receive are not direct lakefront homes.

Several time a day, we screen every new listing to ensure it is a direct lakefront home prior to porting it over to We use the same “filtered” properties to send to Auto-SEARCH© members. They only receive direct lakefront listings that meet their specific criteria.

Auto-SEARCH© members can also stay logged into the website to view the full details of any listing displayed. They also have the ability to save favorite properties, share and print them, and/or request a showing.

Agents have the ability to access their clients through an Auto-SEARCH dashboard where they can track activity, add notes and modify criteria.

This is a free service to any client and has become our most powerful lead generation tool accounting for nearly forty-five percent of all internet leads.


Market Value Estimates for Lakefront Homes.

It is well known that Automated Valuation Models (AVM’s) on popular syndication websites are notoriously inaccurate, especially for certain types of homes such as waterfront property. We consistently find them off by 10% to 50%.

AVM’s cannot account for all the variables that accompany unique “lifestyle” locations, especially the details of the lake itself.

Our CalcuLAKEr© valuation tool takes into account certain lake factors such as lake type, size, quality, location and aquatic vegetation, all of which have a direct impact on waterfront home values.

Buyers and sellers, as well as agents and brokers, can quickly and easily get a feel for lakefront property market values. Most importantly, it has proven to be a tremendous lead generation tool.   Feel free to give it a try here.


News & Views on Living the Lakefront Lifestyle.

One of the best ways to move yourself through the know/like/trust cycle in a client’s eyes is to provide knowledge that establishes your expertise, and at the same time, provides information of interest to the client.

A blog is the starting place for online content, which is the name of the game when it comes to inbound selling. The purpose of creating a consistent blogging habit is to: 1. get found by search engines, 2. have something worth sharing in social media and 3. begin to build a body of work to draw from.

Your state page will combine weekly hyper-local lake community Lake Live Blog posts with the generic lakefront living posts by the Franchisor, making an impressive flow of lake-related content.

Blog posts are automatically fed to your overall social media plan to get the most out of posts and allow clients to receive information any way they are comfortable. Establish yourself as the local specialist, and you become the go-to lakefront expert.

Growth by Referral Program.

Referrals play an important role in any franchisee’s future expansion efforts. Your business will tell you were it wants to expand and a crucial indicator is where your referrals are going.

The website generates a number of leads that will be outside of your IFT (Initial Franchise Territory). This is a great opportunity to create and expand on your Strategic Lakefront Partner list (referral agents).

Based on the volume of referrals you will do, we have automated the process. Our GbR program includes the acceptance, tracking and automated status updates of all referrals.

Referrals are accepted by your referral agents via an on-line portal, no need for paper documents. The system will also automatically send an e-mail status reminder to the referral agent each week. A top level view of all your referrals and status is found in the site dashboard.

Monitoring how often and where referrals go is a great indicator of future expansion efforts.


Our "10 Keys to Lakefront Market Domination" model combines niche marketing techniques with client lifecycle principles to move clients throught the Know/Like/Trust Cycle establishing YOU as their lakefront expert.