At a glance
  • → Dominate your lakefront market
  • → Ensure a competitive advantage
  • → Work from your home office
  • → Innovative website & systems
  • → Register thousands of buyers
  • → Control the listing market
  • → Predictable cash flow
  • → No National/Regional fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in your Franchise?
We provide you, the broker, the ability to immediately channel your lakefront passion into a rewarding business venture by dominating your local lakefront market utilizing our unique, packaged business model.

Can’t I just do the same thing on my own?
We did the hard work for you. We have invested substantial capital and several years of trial and error into a system & website that ensures your current and future success. We have packaged all these lessons learned into a step by step formula that can be implemented immediately.

How are you different than any other real estate franchise?
Find out here!

What is the value of becoming a lakefront specialist?
When you narrow your focus, you expand your appeal. You become the lakefront expert in your market. In fact, we believe specialization trumps branding. Over time, the website will create thousands of registered buyers. Double-sided deals are the norm as you control both the seller AND buyer market (eliminating reliance on MLS and syndication websites). It’s possible to capture a substantial percentage of your local seller lakefront market with our system. Above all, you get to stop selling homes and sell a lifestyle…a lifestyle that changes people’s lives for the better.

Our "10 Keys to Lakefront Market Domination" model combines niche marketing techniques with client life cycle principles to move clients through the Know/Like/Trust Cycle establishing YOU as their lakefront expert.


Do I need to live on a lake to do this?
The most important qualification to join our team is to have a strong passion for lakefront property and the lakefront lifestyle. Living on a lake yourself can give you more credibility, but it is certainly not necessary. Knowledge of your lakefront market is why clients appreciate and desire you as their waterfront expert.

Do you only work with "direct lakefront" properties?
Niche marketing has proven to be a powerful strategy. We know that by narrowing our focus, we expand our appeal and increase our value to both buyers and sellers of lakefront property. We understand it is difficult to imagine working only with lakefront property, but it is important to note, Lakefront Living International, LLC will only provide a franchise to areas that can support a full-time lake home sales business. Our system allows you to capture such a substantial lakefront market share that, over time, you will find there is no need to list any non-lakefront homes. That’s where our Growth by Referral (GbR) program plays an important role. The only exceptions to this are destination and resort lake communities, should your agents desire to serve the lake view and offshore market within these destinations, our website will allow for those listings to be featured as such.  

What are the costs associated with the purchase of a Lakefront Living Franchise?
We provide one of the lowest start-up costs of any national real estate franchise. Our work-from-home model eliminates the overhead associated with a storefront location. In addition, there are NO National or Regional marketing fees and we leverage on-line resources wherever possible to keep your running costs to a minimum. Our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) lists the full start-up costs.

How much can I make?
The success you have within our system will be affected by a variety of factors, including your lakefront market size, your dedication to our 10 principles, and the skill set you bring to the table. For that reason, we do not provide earnings information to our prospective franchisees but instead suggest you do your own due diligence to determine what you believe you can achieve in your market by doing market surveys and conducting your own competitive analysis. 

What are the rewards for an existing broker to shift to this model?
You will gain a competitive advantage by increasing your percentage of the lakefront market. First, we keep everything simple. Step-by-step proven techniques that anyone can excel at. Second, you will  build something of value that is predictable, sustainable and promotes stability. You are in full control of your business and work-life balance. Third, our sales team will help you clearly see the difference between using our system and staying on the path you’re on now. Take full control of your time, effort and profit margin.

Do I need to open a street front location?
No, our system allows you to work directly from a home office. There is no need for the expense and/or overhead of a brick and mortar location. We have proven this time and time again since 2003. We use and promote paperless and electronic signature platforms. Our program describes how to build a team of home-based buyer and seller lakefront specialty agents thereby greatly reducing and/or eliminating your personal field time (if desired). We do not rely on or require a storefront location; we have a website driven model where is our storefront.

Do you allow street front locations in your system?
Of course! We understand certain markets may require the existence of a physical office to take full advantage of their opportunity. Our packaged business systems remain the same regardless of where you are operating from. That said, any storefront locations are the full responsibility of the franchisee and not represented within our Franchise Disclosure Document.

What is the foundation for success?
Our "10 Keys to Lakefront Market Domination" model combines niche marketing techniques with client life cycle principles to move clients through the Know/Like/Trust Cycle establishing YOU as their lakefront expert.

What are the advantages of niche marketing?
Specialization builds perceived value. You will be providing a unique, consistent consumer experience. Your business pages on our website will be solving “the big three” problems that all lakefront buyers have today and register thousands of them into your database. Additionally, sellers want to do business with people that share their same interests, understand their lifestyle and can “talk the talk”. Market share domination means you own/control a large piece of a smaller pie. Success is difficult if you are trying to be all things to all people. We provide the system for you to be outstanding at one thing. Why does specialization play a key role? Because the market needs a way to compare and differ, and if you don’t give them one, they will default to equating you with all the rest.

How much business does the website account for?
Once you are up and running, will account for eighty percent or more of your business, mostly from lakefront buyers. The site is truly unique in that it reduces the average lakefront property search time from 3.2 hours to 15 seconds, and provides all the specific details of every lake you cover. Every direct lakefront home for sale (from your MLS) is screened and displayed on the site, not just your listings. We receive thousands of visitors per month, about half of them are new, and half of them are returning…the perfect mix.

How good are the leads from
Many websites boast about the number of visitors, page views, leads generated, SEO, etc., but what the never talk about is the most important number…conversion rates. That’s a measure of how many leads actually turn into sales. Since 2009, we have averaged one of the highest conversion rates in the industry due to our extensive buyer qualification screening.

How many buyer leads are we talking about?
Over time, you will build a registered buyer and seller list in the thousands, specific to your marketplace. Constantly refining and marketing to this list produces predictable results. This list IS your business. Our system details how and when to communicate to this list for consistent, predictable results.

How will my state and my brokerage be displayed on
As we add states, the national map selector is updated on the home page. When a visitor selects your state, it brings up your custom page, properties, contacts, blog posts, etc. Every lead from your MLS feed goes directly to you.

Would I be confined to a certain territory?
You will start within a predetermined market area/size based on MLS coverage and gain control of that territory. We believe in letting your early success promote your future expansion. Our GbR Program (Growth by Referral) outlines how to expand your territory over time by letting your referral business point you in the right direction.

How do you define the ideal franchisee candidate?
There are 4 initial qualifications that we look for in any broker.

  1. First and foremost, you must possess a passion for lakefront property and the lifestyle.
  2. You must have a strong belief in our Manifesto. It clearly describes why we do what we do.
  3. You must share our values: passionate, positive attitude, entrepreneurial spirit, determined, ethical, collaborator, innovator, excellent communicator.
  4. You must live within an appropriate lakefront market size that meets our minimum requirements.

What if I’m not a licensed broker and/or cannot become one?
Some options include partnering with a licensed broker and/or “renting a broker”. Call us to discuss these and other possibilities.

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How can I learn more?
Send your contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Someone from our team will contact you promptly.