Our Story  - Passion to Profit

It was early 2003 when a good friend of ours named Steve (affectionately known as Scuba Steve) decided to start his search for a lakefront home. Like 98% of other buyers, Steve began his lake home search on the internet and quickly became frustrated. There was simply no way to search for just direct lakefront homes and he spent hours searching through mountains of data with limited results.

After finally finding a couple of lake front homes that fit his wants and needs, Steve came to discover there was no information on the lake itself. Changing Lives, one lake house at a time. He understood that he was not just buying a home, he was buying a lake. The specific details of the lake would be critical for his waterfront lifestyle choices.

Scott and Linda Freerksen at their lake home in Mansfield Massachusetts

After narrowing down his search to two lake properties, he found that it was important to have an agent with local knowledge to answer specific questions regarding the neighborhood, shoreline conditions, zoning guidelines, local amenities, etc.

Turns out, Scuba Steve was not alone. We came to learn that every day, thousands of buyers had the same three difficulties when searching for their dream lakefront home. We knew if we could solve these problems, the marketplace would respond…and so Lakefront Living Realty was born.

After growing to include 4 New England states; defining 2600 lakes; displaying nearly $2 billion in direct lakefront inventory per year, hosting nearly 100,000 visitors per month and capturing just over 9000 registered lakefront buyers, we quickly recognized some valuable truths:

  • When you narrow your focus, you expand your appeal
  • Niche Marketing can supercharge your business
  • Specialization trumps branding
  • It is not necessary to have a brick and mortar location
  • People do not care about brands, they simply want their problems solved
  • Referral business predicts future territories
  • Double-sided deals are the norm
  • Working with lakefront homes all day is a complete joy
  • We absolutely have the opportunity to change lives for the better

We began to receive several inquiries from brokers around the country who wished to dominate their lakefront market by duplicating our business model. This lead to some great conversations with Christine Mosier, an Ohio Realtor who had a passion for the lakefront lifestyle.

Christine & Bruce Mosier at their lake home on Hoover Reservoir in Ohio

We proudly formed Lakefront Living International, LLC to provide the lowest cost, niche focused real estate franchise on the market with a mission to be different than any other real estate franchise. Christine also became a Lakefront Living Realty Affiliate to implement our model outside of New England. Our mission is to provide brokers with the ability to immediately channel their lakefront passion into a rewarding business venture, thereby dominating their local lakefront market while utilizing our unique business model.

Scuba Steve tending the outdoor fire pit at his Adirondack lakefront home in Caroga Lake, NY

As for Scuba Steve…he’s enjoying the lakefront lifestyle in a beautiful lakefront home on Pine Lake, just inside the Adirondack Park in Caroga Lake, NY. He’s surrounded by good friends and family, plenty of water toys, and a never-ending appreciation for his place of living. He’s just one of thousands who feel lakefront living has changed their lives in a positive way. That, of course, is the biggest benefit of all.

by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”, Founder & CEO of Lakefront Living International, LLC

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